Discussion in East Texas with Pastor Kerry and “Is this what your Jesus told you to do?” brings mixed trains of thought.

Our talk yesterday in North East Texas had several hundred in attendance and the response to the talk, “Is this what your Jesus told you to do?” came with mixed reviews. I would estimate that 50% of the crowd was right in the middle of understanding and evaluating their next steps to better engage their community and the other 50% of the crowd were probably a little uncomfortable with the discussion.

That’s OK…getting back to the basics of what Jesus asked us to do is right where we need to be.

It is interesting; however, how ones up bringing and culture affects ones interpretation of the bible. I’m finding the more I travel, engage different people and communities the more varied we are on what we perceive Jesus to be saying based on our current surroundings.

I recall from my seminar days Dr. Lee (New Testament Professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) reminding us to keep biblical content in context. A good reminder for us I think. When we begin to take scripture out of context we lose perspective on who Jesus was talking to and for what purpose.

Just a thought from my discovery this weekend.

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