Sunday School vs. Small Groups: Can they co-exist

I wrote a seminar on this topic and taught it at Saddleback’s Purpose Driven Church conference several years ago. In fact, I am suppose to be back out at Saddleback this spring, May 20-22 for the Purpose Driven Community Gathering on a panel discussion with Pastor Rick concerning the topic of Fellowship & Belonging. Looking forward to that time in SoCal.

Who knew the topic of Sunday School vs. Small Groups would be one of our leading services we provide to churches across the globe. It is one of the top discussions that pastors and churches want to have when it comes to transitioning there churches. If you are asking yourself this same question, shoot me an email ( and let’s get some time scheduled to be on site with you so that we can determine what is best for you and your church.

Today I had a four hour discussion with Scott and Travis at Mobberly Baptist Church on this one topic. It was a great day and I really believe we all learned a great deal.

Here are a couple of pictures from our marker board sessions. See if you can determine what we decided was best for them?


Discussion on Health & Balance and what that looks like for the church as it communicates to a person they are helping move from the Street to the Seat.


Sunday School vs. Small Group: Can they co-exist? … It all depends.


  1. Kerry,
    Did you take a seminar from Dr. Gene Scott on the use of whiteboards and markers? Just kidding. What are the challenges churches face in providing both Sunday School and Small Groups?

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