We are 4 weeks out from Easter and it is none to soon to consider helping persons to take spiritual next steps toward biblical community. I call biblical community, “belonging”. In fact, I created an acronym to help us B.E.L.O.N.G. Look under the category of the same name to find all my writings on B.E.L.O.N.G. and Community.

I recognize that Dan Kimball in his writings speak of belonging before believing and there is merit to that; however, I believe there is another level of belonging that requires another level of commitment which would include choosing Jesus and the church.

As you look toward Easter make sure you have a well defined assimilation strategy to help persons move from the outside – in. Clearly communicate your expected next steps for those who have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to take a next step. And give them the opportunity to choose a next step. Leverage your services to help persons act.

My non-believing friends greatest criticism of his limited church experience is that it didn’t call anyone to action. SO, let’s call people to action. Help them see their next step to being a part of your community.


  • leverage the response card to call persons to action
    • be clear about what you want them to do
  • challenge people to choose Jesus and the church
  • provide a New Believer kit and have it ready to distribute at Easter
  • have a team of volunteers ready to meet with anyone choosing Jesus
  • have the baptismal pool open and active with every service (before, during, and after all services)
  • promote a new member class or discovery class for the following weekend
  • small group teams should have a ministry table ready to help persons take a next step
  • make available listings of ministries that persons can be involved in – show them they are needed
  • make relationships high on your priority meter
  • simplify your program promotions during this time
    • just give them the big bucket ministry items and their next steps (preschool, child, youth, adults)
    • how to choose Jesus
    • how to get baptized
    • how to choose the church (101-membership class)
    • how to get connected to a small group
    • how to begin serving others
    • how to tell their story

    If you have other ideas that help persons Become, Embrace, Live, Offer, Nurture, and Grow please share them with us.

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