7 Weeks until Easter – CONTRIBUTION

serving-hands.jpgContinuing our thoughts on our 4 core concepts of STS in preparation for Easter let’s touch briefly on how to prepare our members to make a contribution.

You might recall my post on “3 basic steps for volunteers where I unpacked Enlist, Train, and Place. Here is a good time to put it into practice. You are 7 weeks out from Easter weekend. What have you done or are you doing to be prepared with your volunteer teams to meet the needs of your guests.

Things to consider:

Enlist: This coming week prepare a communication piece that will go out through all your communication channels (NEXT WEEKEND – February 9th & 10th) requesting persons to step up and serve others on Easter weekend. Give them options to choose from on where they can serve. Remember, leverage every communication channel. (I.e – personal asks, newsletters, bulletins, the platform, emails, small groups, sunday schools, blogs, websites, etc…) Use this as an opportunity to gather their information, provide them with choices of places to serve, and training schedule times/dates.

Places to serve: (examples; traffic, greeters, ushers, Information/Welcome Centers, Campus Hosts, Ministry tables/booths, coffee table/barista, bookstore/resource table, hospitality area, guest services, security, first aid, baptism, communion, new believers, prayer team, campus cleaning, data entry, etc…)

Train: Set a training date now for 2 weekends prior to Easter (March 8/9) for persons to be on site to participate in a 1 – 2 hour training session (provide food/drink) where you will walk them through everything they need in preparation to serve Easter weekend. Use this time to introduce new volunteers to the team, instruct them on the basics of what you are asking them to do. Give them any print material they need. Provide them with their team leaders contact information. Do not leave anything thing to doubt. Walk them around the campus so they are familiar with the facilities. Show them where they will be and what they will be doing. Provide them with an “on the job training” time that same weekend. When they have the time to walk alongside of someone for a weekend, it lessens the pressure of the big weekend coming up.

Place: Now for the most part you should already know where they are going to be placed based on the registrations you received through your communication pieces. In this case, make sure they know where on Easter weekend they are to check in (Volunteer Central), when they need to check in and pick up their name tag and any other supplies they will need, and where do they return their supplies once they’ve finished.

Additional Thoughts:

  • be clear about your expectations for them during training.
    • what exactly are you asking me to do
    • how long will I have to serve (30 minutes, 1 hour, or longer)
    • who is my contact if I have questions
    • what happens in an emergency
    • where is check-in
    • what time is check-in
    • what do I do when my time is over
    • what am I to wear
  • Other things to consider
    • is this a one time gig or are you expecting me to do this from now on.
      • make sure they know this is only a one time gig; HOWEVER, if they like it and you feel like it might be a long-term fit…well then…how about that…
    • track all your volunteers
    • send them reminders
    • send them thank you cards
    • check on them after the event to get their take on what went right and what could be improved
    • see if they have interests in being a part of the team…if they are a good fit
    • continue to give them props for being involved.

Remember, for some this will be the first time they have ever served so make it one they’ll enjoy.

Any thoughts?

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