Street to the Seat is a TOUR GUIDE

I was talking with a buddy today about what is at the core of Street to the Seat (STS). The best way I can describe it is a “tour guide”. Do you recall the discussion on clarity from the book Simple Church. Rainer and Geiger speak to “please, no more travel agents” on page 132-133 of the book. It is for that reason that Street to the Seat is a TOUR GUIDE.

A tour guide:

  • has a love for the journey
  • takes the journey with you
  • takes you along the journey he has traveled
  • does not instruct from a distance
  • is with you
  • in on the bus with you
  • is in
  • if things do not go as planned, he is in
  • been where he is taking you
  • able to instruct because he is familiar with the journey
  • speaks from a place of personal authority
  • is not perfect
  • is credible
  • guides through the process

Being a TOUR GUIDE is the heart of Street to the Seat. Come join the journey.

If you get in the boat, the ministry process will come alive. The ministry blueprint will make sense then. It will be clear.”

Rainer & Geiger

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