Saddleback Church endorses Pastor Kerry Mackey and the launch of his ministry, “Street to the Seat”.

As the Membership Pastor at Saddleback Church Kerry had a wide range of responsibilities: Overseeing and Teaching the Membership class, oversight of the totality of the C.L.A.S.S. system and the responsibility of getting people from the street to the seat, the look and feel of Saddleback Church.

Under his leadership the C.L.A.S.S. system was streamlined and the church became more efficient in the assimilation process of moving people into Membership, then to Maturity to Ministry, and finally to Mission.

First impressions are extremely important for a church trying to reach its community. As the Pastor responsible for street to the seat, Kerry had a keen eye for “first time impressions”. He worked with the leadership of the Operations team to continually define and refine the look and feel of the Saddleback Church campus to ensure a felling and appearance that would bring people back to Church.

On weekends Kerry’s pastoral presence was seen and felt in each or our 6 services. Through his leadership of the volunteer greeters, ushers, traffic, medical, baptism, communion people the flow of the weekend services was always great.

Kerry is regarded as a leader who also posses managerial skills. He is a mentoring person, detailed and very well organized. He is also know as a person who gets results. He is strategic in his thinking and has great ability to execute.

Kerry had responsibility for leading a team of 7 full time staff and 1,014 volunteers. Volunteerism is highly regarded at Saddleback as a mark of leadership. During Kerry’s tenure he increased volunteerism by over 30% in his area of ministry.

Kerry has a deep love for the local church; his heart and passion and his desire to serve Pastors is the reason Kerry decided to resign from Saddleback staff. His pastoral leadership and presence at Saddleback will be missed.

We would recommend him to any pastor who wants to hire a consultant to develop processes, training, and organizational structure for his church or as an Executive Pastor in a local church.

Saddleback Church
Lake Forest, California


  1. Nice.

    Excited for this phase in your journey bro!

  2. Thanks Tony!

    We are excited as well. Thanks for all your help in getting us to where we are. We couldn’t have done this without you and Mandy.

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