Offering an Apologetic and an Apology

Here is a good one…page 250 in Dan Kimball’s, “They Like Jesus But Not The Church”. I love this paragraph. Let me put it in bullet points for simplicities sake.

  • We need to offer and apologetic to correct misperceptions.
  • We also need to offer an apology when the church hurts people in the name of Jesus.
  • We need to offer an apology for arrogant and shameful things we’ve said and for presenting as truth our fallible opinions.
  • We need to offer an apology for straying from the mission of the church and becoming self-absorbed citizens of the bubble.
  • We need to apologize whenever the beautiful bride of Christ is prostituted for a church leader’s or a politician’s agenda.
  • We need to apologize when we aren’t honest with people and become so seeker-friendly that we don’t tell them the hard truth about sin and repentance.
  • We need to apologize when we say that we are all sinners saved by grace but show contempt for those who are still in sin.

This really made me think.

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