Never forget where so many of us came from.

Something else for us to ponder. Dan Kimball addresses the unlikely people Jesus misses most on page 241 of his book, “They like Jesus but Not the Church.”

The highly unlikely whom all have access to the kingdom of God if they are washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of Jesus.

See if you see yourself in one of theses?

  • murderers (Acts 8:1)
  • Tax collectors (Matthew 10:3)
  • sexually immoral
  • idolaters
  • adulterers
  • male prostitutes
  • practicing homosexuals
  • thieves
  • greedy
  • drunkards
  • slanderers
  • swindlers (1 Cor. 6:9-11)

Just a thought!

Dan Kimball also proposing a few questions I believe we should start each day asking ourselves.

1. Am I numb or neutral to people outside the church?

2. Do I intercede daily for people outside the church?

3. Who am I praying for now who is not a Christian?

4. When’s the last time I had coffee or dinner or gone to a movie and just hung out with someone who is not a Christian?

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