How the church can respond…What they wished church were like.

Before reading chapter 11 in They Like Jesus but Not the Church, Dan Kimball states you should keep three things in mind.

1. We shouldn’t change to match what people wish church were like.
2. When asked what they wish church were like, they described the worship gathering.
3. God uses a wide variety of churches to reach and disciple emerging gernerations.

With that as a preface…

What They Wish Church Were Like – Dan Kimball

1. I wish church were not just a sermon or a lecture but a discussion.

2. I wish the church would respect my intelligence.

3. I wish the church weren’t about the church building.

4. I wish church were less programmed and allowed time to think and pray.

5. I wish the church were a loving place.

6. I wish the church cared for the poor and for the environment.

7. I wish the church taught more about Jesus.

Two additional observations Dan makes is that, “I’m hearing that they don’t want to be totally separated from their children all the time and would want to experience ‘church’ together as a family.” They value diversity, older people to mentor them, and the appreciation of art as an expression of worship.

These ring true for my wife and I as we lead a family small group, love having our children worship with us, enjoy diversity, mentoring relationships and the expression of the arts in worship.

One last thought, “They want someone to ask them to be part of a church.”

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