Helping eliminate the stereotype that Christians are fundamentalists who take the whole Bible literally.

Once again this is a research weekend for me and I’ve been finishing up a book by Dan Kimball. I’ll share several learnings from my readings over the next several posts. Dan’s response to what emerging generations think about the church and the church is full of fundamentalist who take the whole bible literally.

Dan says on page 204-208, “What Can We Learn From This Misperception?”

1. We need to teach people in our churches basic Bible study skills.

2. We need to be careful not to teach our opinions as what the Bible says.

3. We need to teach how to have fundamental beliefs without being a fundamentalist.

4. We need to be prepared for a new wave of questions.

5. We need to use the Bible with love.

The church holds beliefs with humility and strives to be thoughtful theologians.

Dan Kimball

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