8 weeks before Easter – CONNECTION – touch points

Think about this for a minute. A first time guest arrives on your campus to a parking lot and a building in the distance. Regardless of whether or not they are a Christ follower what do you want them to do? You see, CONNECTION begins as touch points along the way from the street to the seat if you will, curb to the cushion, pavement to the pew…OK enough of the one liners. You get my point.

The key is eliminating every uncertainty a guest has in their experience on your campus. Predict their need in advance. Think about it. When you go to an unfamiliar place for the first time you are looking for any signs of directional information, guest services, parking attendants, signs, kiosks, screens, etc… that will give you the information you are looking for and/or the information they want you to have.

Be prepared come Easter to provide a seamless experience for your guests. Think about every question that may be raised and put a plan together to address that need. I know what you are thinking…Pastor Kerry we are a house church, we meet in a store front, we meet in a theater, we meet in a school. OK…you will still have to address the following areas regardless of where you meet.

1. Traffic / Parking – when I arrive where do you want me to park (starts at the curb)
2. Greeters – when I get out of my car who welcomes me and let’s me know where I go and where my kids are to go
3. Signage – appropriate communication for where a person is, where they need to go, and where they are when they arrive.
4. Welcome Centers – kiosks or information booths/tables where persons can find maps of the facility, and information from a personal host.
5. Ministry Promotional areas – these could be patios, tables, booths, etc… that highlight your major ministry areas where guests can speak with ministry leaders about next steps. (New Believers, Small Groups, Children, Youth, Celebrate Recovery, C.L.A.S.S. 101-501, etc…)
6. Prayer area – garden or open air areas where persons can go for prayer
7. Coffee House / Bookstores – refreshment areas are great areas to make first connections. Be intentional with your staffing. Don’t worry if you don’t have a coffee house or bookstore. Make it a coffee & resource area. Have something that requires mingling.
8. Ushers – where do I sit?, where can I sit?, can my 5 year old sit with us?, what’s an offering plate?, do you have a family room? can we bring our coffee in?, what do you mean I can’t bring m dog inside with me. Train your ushers well.
9. Digital Imaging – if technology is available make every means necessary to leverage the connection through media. Computer Kiosks, Video loops, free sermon downloads, wifi, etc…
10. Hospitality areas – safe places where persons can go and feel safe to ask any question they’d like without feeling pressured.

Here is another one. I just couldn’t stop on 10. Consider setting up a Family Photo Op. Have a photographer shoot a digital image and have them pick it up the following week. Let the church make this an Easter gift to the community.

Just a thought!


  1. I would add that you need to make sure you website is completely updated with the most recent and clear information. As people go to make a choice about church many are looking to research about a church on their website first. And after they come, if they are interested they are more likely to go to the web than call.

    Get that website looking good!

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