What we need to understand about emerging generations

Once again during my readings of “They Like Jesus but Not The Church”, I was stimulated to ask myself some questions about how we do church, how we help the church do a better job of communicating the gospel, and how we train believers in basic apologetics when I ran across Dan Kimballs thoughts on, “What we need to understand about where people are coming from.” (pg. 167-186).

Dan lists a couple of things that I think are important.  Not sure I agree completely with his take on it, but they are helpful as we think about addressing a culture that is very different than anything we’ve known in the past.

Here is Dan’s List:

1.  We need to view our world as a Post-Christian culture.

2.  We need a basic understanding of world faiths.

3.  We need to train our churches to understand world faiths.

4.  We need to be able to explain why not all paths lead to God.

5.  We need to understand that not all religions are wholly wrong.

If you have read Dan’s book it would be interesting to hear your take on pages 167-186.


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