“Just when the church adopted a business model, the culture went looking for God.”

Reggie McNeal wrote,

We have a church in North America that is more secular than the culture. Just when the church adopted a business model, the culture went looking for God.

(p. 59 – The Present Future, McNeal)

What are your thoughts on McNeal’s quote?

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  1. Tim Nations says:

    I don’t know about the church being “more secular than the culture”, but I think we’ve become largely irrelevant in our culture. We spend so much time staying busy with church business that we often fail to make a difference in the lives of the people around us. I would go so far as to say (and I’m a paid staff member) that, in many congregations, the church (read institution or organization here) stands between culture and God as an obstacle rather than a bridge. We keep our folks so busy “doing church” that they have no time left to make disciples “as they go”.

  2. I think, for the most part, Reggie is right. The Kingdom principles are generally opposite of the world principles and are counterintuitive.

  3. Jordan Goodman says:

    This sounds like a comment born of an incomplete reading of Willow Creek Community Church’s ongoing research, “Reveal.” Since I’m not familiar with the book from which the quote was taken, I don’t know if “Reveal” (the book about the original research) had as yet been published When Reggie wrote his remarks. If this is not the case what is the context for the comment?

    Biv’racha (with blessing),

  4. Jordan, no incomplete readings here. If you’ll look under “Book Reviews” in my categories section you’ll see I highly recommend the “REVEAL” study. Willow did a great job on that research.

    As for Reggie McNeal’s book it was published in 2003. As for context, it was a statement made by Reggie on page 59 of his book under the section on “New Reality Number Three:A New Reformation: Releasing God’ People where he discusses what persons experience when they “enter the church?”

    I would encourage you to pick up a copy of Reggie’s book and give it a read. Has some challenging thoughts.

    Not that I agree with them, but they are challenging.

    “The Present Future” and “They Like Jesus But Not The Church” are two resources I am using in an online class I teach for Rockbridge Seminary on “The Theology & Practice of Evangelism.”

    Thanks for joining the discussion.

    I am looking forward to more persons input.

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