yes…this is what my Jesus told me to do.

I know I’m spinning the title phrase just a little, but I need to keep with the theme.  Remember my previous video post…WELL…

I received a call from my buddy Steve today at 5:30 p.m. (PST) just after his meeting with his oncologist… AND…


Thursday a week ago Steve had a mass taken from under his arm that was cancerous.  It had spread into his lymph system and the reports from the doctors were not good.  After a week of tests and full body scans the report today was, “Jesus showed up”.  The scans came back clean.  Steve doesn’t have a trace of cancer any where else in his body. WOW…doing this anointing with oil, laying on of hands, and praying has jump started my spirit.

Thank you Jesus for hearing your children.

So where does Steve’s story affect you.  You see, Steve and his wife Joni are the ones behind our ministry road trip this spring.  The 32 motor coach that we are using to minister to your churches, is Steve’s.  Amazing how God works, isn’t it.

So as we travel the road this spring serving churches across the country part of Steve’s miracle will be traveling with us.  Just knowing of his willingness to serve others in the midst of trials is a testimony to his and Joni’s faith.

Thank you Steve and Joni for sharing your life with us.  We are better for it.

And thank you In The Dirt family for being “better together”.  The way you came together last night to anoint and pray over Steve and his family is a testimony to biblical community.  It was church.

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