Is this what your Jesus told you to do?

I wanted to share this short video clip with you about an experience I just had (January 9, 2008). My spirit was so moved by watching the church be the church. Not a building, not a facility … but the church. One of the things the emerging generation is looking at is for “the church” to do what their Jesus told them to do.

Here…watch this clip.

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  1. Kerry,

    Thanks for your thoughts. One thought I would like to share is how Steve actually ministered to us! Imagine that. The cancer victim ministered to those who were praying for him. He ministered to me with his story that he believed his cancer was actually an answer to prayer. Of course he didn’t want cancer, but he asked God some specific requests and he believed the cancer in his body was the vehicle for God to answer his prayer. Incredible that in the midst of physical turmoil Steve and Joni experienced the peace and presence of the Holy Spirit and through it all obedience to his Savior was all Steve was thinking about.

    Thanks for your presence and thanks for bringing the oil. You’re a great bro!


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