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STS video hosts Pastor Lance Witt and Replenish Ministries

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Street to the Seat is a TOUR GUIDE

I was talking with a buddy today about what is at the core of Street to the Seat (STS). The best way I can describe it is a “tour guide”. Do you recall the discussion on clarity from the book Simple Church. Rainer and Geiger speak to “please, no more travel agents” on page 132-133 […]

Saddleback Church endorses Pastor Kerry Mackey and the launch of his ministry, “Street to the Seat”.

As the Membership Pastor at Saddleback Church Kerry had a wide range of responsibilities: Overseeing and Teaching the Membership class, oversight of the totality of the C.L.A.S.S. system and the responsibility of getting people from the street to the seat, the look and feel of Saddleback Church. Under his leadership the C.L.A.S.S. system was streamlined […]


The Church…please don’t be a weakling – those who like Jesus need you.

How the Church can Respond…A Great Hope for the Future, Kimball’s final thoughts about the church in, “They Like Jesus But Not The Church”. The church is an organized community with a heart to serve others. The church is a positive agent of change loving others as Jesus would. The church holds women in the […]

Offering an Apologetic and an Apology

Here is a good one…page 250 in Dan Kimball’s, “They Like Jesus But Not The Church”. I love this paragraph. Let me put it in bullet points for simplicities sake. We need to offer and apologetic to correct misperceptions. We also need to offer an apology when the church hurts people in the name of […]

A Great Hope For The Future

When we say, ‘I love Jesus, but I hate the Church,’ we end up losing not only the Church but Jesus too. The challenge is to forgive the Church. This challenge is especially great because the Church seldom asks us for forgiveness. Henri Nouwen Bread For the Journey   Chapter 13 in “They Like Jesus […]

Never forget where so many of us came from.

Something else for us to ponder. Dan Kimball addresses the unlikely people Jesus misses most on page 241 of his book, “They like Jesus but Not the Church.” The highly unlikely whom all have access to the kingdom of God if they are washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of Jesus. See if you […]

How the church can respond…What they wished church were like.

Before reading chapter 11 in They Like Jesus but Not the Church, Dan Kimball states you should keep three things in mind. 1. We shouldn’t change to match what people wish church were like. 2. When asked what they wish church were like, they described the worship gathering. 3. God uses a wide variety of […]

Helping eliminate the stereotype that Christians are fundamentalists who take the whole Bible literally.

Once again this is a research weekend for me and I’ve been finishing up a book by Dan Kimball. I’ll share several learnings from my readings over the next several posts. Dan’s response to what emerging generations think about the church and the church is full of fundamentalist who take the whole bible literally. Dan […]