4 Tips for a Healthy Soul

Just read these on Pastor Lance Witt’s blog. These are good thoughts for all of us as we round out the year and begin looking to 2008.

1. Slow Down. Walk a little slower this week. Don’t check your e-mail as soon as you get out of bed. Engage in unhurried conversation. Drive slower. Don’t rush through your quiet time.

2. Schedule times of spiritual reflection and solitude. Put them on your calendar as recurring appointments. You may feel like you can’t afford to carve out this kind of time, but you can’t afford not to make time for this.

3. Start reading to feed your soul. Pick up a book that isn’t about leadership skills or church growth. Find something that will feed your soul and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

4. Schedule a mini personal retreat. Sometime in the early part of the New Year, take a half day or a day just to get alone and be with your heavenly Father. Why not go ahead right now and block off some time in early January?



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