Forbes writes on 15 Ways to Improve your Church Marketing

15 Ways to Improve your Church Marketing
By Chris Forbes

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How to make more impact with your communication strategy:

1. Put more effort and thought into your communication planning.

2. Define what you want to accomplish with your promotional efforts.

3. Advertise who you really are, not who you are not.

4. Fix what is broken in your church.

5. Do your homework before you launch any kind of advertising outreach.

6. Have a consistent look in your communication media.

7. Try to reach fewer people more times.

8. Don’t talk about yourself so much; start talking to the audience.

9. Highlight life-application benefits when you write promotional copy.

10. Pay attention to details.

11. Reduce the number of things you promote.

12. Become a media-savvy advertising customer.

13. Send newsworthy news releases.

14. Reach out to the people you have already reached.

15. Plan your events and activities wisely.


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