How about a Texas size road trip for STS in 2008: February, March, and April

1103833_fourwinds_classc.jpgHere is something that came as a suggestion from some friends of ours and was followed up by pastors in Arkansas, Maryland, and Texas to Street to the Seat, so we are going to do our dead level best to serve you… alongside of you.

Stephanie (my wife) and I are putting together in the next 30 days a Texas size road trip for STS to join you in the trenches for February, March, and April of 2008. Of course, we’ll need your support, but we know we can pull this together.

Our current plans are to partner with churches across the U.S. for 7 days to 2 weeks at a time during February through the end of April of 2008. We will drive our family in a motor coach to your location and be on site with you and your staff during a specified period of time. During that time we will serve you and your congregation through:

  1. Evaluation of Systems and Structures for growth
  2. Leadership development of pastors, staff, and lay leaders
  3. Small Group Ministry Development
  4. Sunday School & Small Group Development as a both/and strategy
  5. First impression evaluations, ministry development and implementation as well as enlistment, training, and placement of volunteers
  6. Follow-up and Assimilation of guests

And don’t forget we can help you with your planning for Easter and follow-up strategies.

If you are interested in having us serve with your congregation during our 3 month road trip, please contact us and let’s put something together.

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