Love God, Love People, Serve the World with Southpaw & Momentum Church

I was watching an interview with a young dude this morning named, Dan Smith. His approach to “street to the seat” intrigued me with his ministry Southpaw and his new church plant Momentum Church. He has a great approach to being in the street and doing biblical community. Way to go Dan!

I love his vision for Momentum Church, “Love god, Love People, Serve the World.” What a simple way of communicating what you are about. He also says it this way, “Momentum is a church for people who hate going to church.”

As I think of how STS can assist you in basic steps in addressing conversations in community, creating safe places for seekers, improving ones welcoming environments, small groups, as well as development of appropriate assimilation strategies I think about how creative Dan has become in reaching his community.

MO info on Dan Smith:

Smith family Much taller than a hobbit, Dan Smith is a storyteller-preacher, comedy-writer, and the lead minister of Momentum Christian Church. Armed with a witty sense of humor, Smitty shares the teachings of Jesus with people in a refreshing down-to-earth manner and sometimes uses cool words like “plethora.” Dan has a unique perspective on faith because he didn’t grow up in a religious home. He came to his conclusions about God when he was a 15-year-old hellion in Toledo, Ohio. Dan spends much of his spare time taking walks with his lovely wife (and baby mama) – Shannon, his first begotten son – Zion, his baby-girl – Azlan, and the final child in the trilogy – a baby boy named Journey. Contrary to rumor, Dan never fought in the Clone Wars. His favorite light gas is helium.

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