Finding Biblical Community: In The Dirt

With all the changes in mine and Stephanie’s life these past couple of weeks I’ve been reading back through Gilbert Bilezikian’s book, “Community 101”. It fascinates me to learn more about what true biblical community should look like. I really think he has hit the nail on the head when he alludes to the fact that we just aren’t doing real biblical community the way scripture intended.

That leads me to today posts on seeing biblical community lived out. This past weekend my wife and I took our boys out for the weekend with a group who are doing biblical community at an all time high, right in the dirt. Literally, they are being the church “in the dirt” where by they have created a very healthy community that Acts 2 speaks about.

Jim & Jamie McNeff created, “In The Dirt” ( to connect dirt riding recreational enthusiasts who love Jesus Christ, and to reach other riders who are seeking the truth about the life of Christ, and what His life means to us today. Check it out!

Jim & Jamie say this about In The Dirt, “In the Dirt consists of a variety of singles and family groups. We have a range from younger families with kids in diapers, to veteran families that have three generations participating in our rides. We have men who race everywhere and men who shadow the kids around. We have women who ride, and women who love to “hold down the fort” in camp. We have teenagers overtaking their fathers, and peewees scraping their knees for the first time.

We are a family friendly ministry that combines dirt bike/quad riding with camping. We lace our outings with relational relevance along with Biblical teaching and prayer. The mix of riding and in depth interaction combines our hobby with our love for the Lord and our desire to use the gifts He has given us for His eternal glory. So if you are a beginner, or a veteran, a recreational rider, or a racer, ride a bike, a quad, drive a Jeep, a sand rail, or a dune buggy, we would love you to join us for a weekend IN THE DIRT.”

“The key words in the Mission Statement are CONNECT and REACH. Connect is another way to communicate fellowship. Connect, or fellowship, is a key ingredient to In the Dirt. We value the relationships that are being developed as a result of this ministry and we are living the Biblical principal that we are better together than riding solo!

Reach is another way to communicate evangelism. Reach, or evangelism, is also a key ingredient to In the Dirt. We believe the life of Jesus Christ is the good news that needs to be lived and shared – Evangelism. So, we want to reach other riders with our simple story that God has changed our lives with the promises found in His Word, the Bible, and claiming the promises that give us hope and assurance in our eternal destination.”

In addition to connecting (belong), and reach (share) this past weekend I participated in grow, serve, and worship. It was a complete balance of the purposes of scripture. It was “Church” at its best. We had worship and bible study around the campfire at night as well as spiritual growth living itself out throughout the days events. With some 100 people living out the five purposes where they were, it was biblical community to the core. No walls required.

This is so important to my family that we are booking out the rest of our year to be with In The Dirt the first weekend of every month. It is a healthy example of biblical community and we know it is pleasing to God.

Where might you engage your community with just such a ministry? Just a thought.


  1. Kerry,
    Great post. We too love In The Dirt and believe that community is so important. It is lived out in full within this group. We are thrilled that you guys will be joing us this year, it sure was fun riding with you last weekend.

  2. I think what you guys are doing is great!! I’m a truck driver from Texas. Saw your website on back of a pickup going down I-15 in Nevada. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dean, Thanks for the word brother. How long ago did you see that truck in Nevada?

  4. Seems like you know what you are talking about. I’m a high school teacher and I can really use this for my current course. Thanks!

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