“We are known for our coffee, but our PEOPLE make us famous.”

Just happened to see this quote on a sign at my local barista this morning. 

“We are known for our coffee, but our people make us famous.”

 The church of North America is known for a lot of things, but I’m not sure we would all agree on what that is.  I am hearing things like; we are known for our music, our preaching, our children/youth programs, and even our facilities.  How about if we were known for our “Jesus”? What a concept?  And I haven’t heard too many pastors lately say that, “our people make us famous.”  Pastor, why is that?  Are we as pastors not leading the way for people fall in love with Jesus and the church?  Remember, people follow leadership. 

What is it about the local church that our people don’t make it “famous” in the community?  The local barista I frequent is known world wide for starting 5 new stores a day.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we as Christ followers were as addicted to Jesus as we are to baristas…oh might goodness…can you imagine…let’s do it!  Let’s get on the forefront of community conversation about things we are for.  Sadly the church is known more for what it is against.

Today is the today for each of us to champion relational community involvement.  Finding common ground is one of the first steps of building relational equity.  Pastors, let’s lead the way of being involved in our communities.

As we move into late November and early December let me challenge us all to be active in community conversations.  If ever we had an opportunity, it is now, as we move into the holiday season.

How many ways can we be involved in the community this year?

Let us hear from you about how you and your church are engaging the community this holiday season.

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