Pastor Kerry Mackey has left Saddleback Church to launch Street to the Seat (STS) Ministries full-time.

Kerry Mackey

Over the past several months I have been processing with my mentors and advisory team the next chapters of ministry. In so doing we have come to a decision to pursue Street to the Seat (STS) full-time as a consulting/coaching ministry with and through the local church.

It is to that end that we left Saddleback Valley Community Church in Lake Forest, California on November 16, 2007 to launch this ministry full-time.

We look forward to serving you as Street to the Seat (STS). Please click on the Services tab to see how we can better serve you, your denomination, association, and/or congregation.

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  1. CLASS 101 misses you Kerry! Gotta say it!

    May God’s purposes be served powerfully and abundantly in your Next Steps with Street To The Seat and beyond.

    Philippians 2:1-2 (NASB)
    Therefore, if there is any encouragement in Christ, if there is any consolation of love, if there is any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and compassion, make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.

    See you there.

    – Jim Walls

  2. Jim,

    Stephanie and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done in pastoring the 101 volunteer team. You are such a blessing to us, the team, and the kingdom.

    Be blessed my friend.

    Pastor Kerry

  3. Alan Stoddard says:


    Know that I am praying and will put feet to the prayers by passing “Street to the Seat” around in my network.

    Love ya man.

  4. Janelle Grose says:


    All of us in Campus Ministries give you a HUGE shout out and thank you for the Above and Beyond “Street to the Seat” leadership that you provided for us here at Saddleback … because we are the ministries of: Traffic, Ushers, Greeters, Healthcare, Welcome Center, Campus Cleaning and Bulletin Stuffers! Thank you for your spiritual guidance, pastoring, direction, friendship, and Texan Talk.
    We send you out with God’s blessings with grateful hearts for the opportunity to have served together.

    Janelle Grose
    Campus Ministry Director
    Saddleback Church

  5. Clayton Coates says:


    I will miss sharing a wall with you for the second time in the second state. I will probably never say that to anyone else…besides my kids of course! I will never forget the way the Lord used you to help guide my heart towards single’s ministry over 6 years ago. We have shared many laughs, meals with our families, holidays at the park, more laughs, we understand one another’s language, ministry ideas, prayers…basically we have done life together. Just think, two rough, strong willed guys that for some reason God wants to use…I’ll never figure that one out but it is clear that God is using you. You have an amazing mind and more bandwidth than a team of 10. I have never heard you say “I can’t” and you fly over hurdles. Thanks for what you have taught me and I look forward to this next chapter of our friendship……the Coates love the Mackeys

  6. Kerry, I really enjoyed meeting you a couple of weeks ago at Off The Map Live.

    I appreciated that you were willing to come find out more about Off The Map and that you were open to learn whatever God wanted you to learn there, while holding firm to the faith you’ve received.

    In one-on-one conversation I appreciated your respectful curiosity about me. It’s rare for me to run across conservative Christians in full-time ministry who are able to relate to me that way. In most cases their deep concern for my spiritual state drives them to try to badger me ‘back into the faith’ – which is unpleasant and counter-productive. Or their deep concern makes them too upset/angry to even have a relaxed conversation with me.

    I know you share that deep concern for my spiritual state. Yet you were able to show me genuine kindness and be relaxed with me, trusting God to do whatever he wants to do. If anything will bring me back I believe it will be Christians like you – who don’t freak out and can be kind to me even though I’m not where they want me to be spiritually.

    I’m convinced the same is true of many other people who aren’t Christians. Because of that I’m encouraged that people like you are out there role-modelling how to connect with people like me. I wish you the best in this new venture!

  7. Kerry,
    Kudos for being a man of faith who is willing to take risks and start new ventures for God’s glory. The Ministry of Street to the Seat will be a valuable resources to churches committed to reach this generation for Christ. Looking forward . . .

    Daryl Eldridge
    President and Cofounder
    Rockbridge Seminary

  8. Kerry,

    We’re very excited for you in this new (well, kinda new) adventure! Way to go “off the map” buddy (that’s our way of saying, “out of the boat”). Let’s be sure to stay connected, ok?

    You must have an amazing wife, by the way. Nobody who is married does something so scary as this without a spouse who is trusting Jesus more than them! Way to marry well, friend!

    Randy Siever
    Director of Doable Evangelism
    Off The Map

  9. Jim Henderson says:

    Kerry Mackey is my teacher

    He follows Jesus into unusual places. He is a risk taker and explores “the other side” where people don’t always agree with him.

    He loves the people Jesus misses most- the people formerly known as lost. He loves them so much that he enters into their world in the same way the founder of our family business did.

    He becomes a servant, represses his own agenda and practices being unusually interested in others. Kerry is a master of being unusually interested in others. This one simple practice (just like a small inconspicuous key) unlocks doors to people’s hearts and opens up conversations closed to those who gave up with a knock.

    Kerry can help you discover how to make these connections.

    Jim Henderson
    Jim and Casper Go To Church

  10. Kerry,

    It was a pleasure to serve under your leadership for a couple of years while you were employed here at Saddleback Church.

    Under your direction, our sports and adventure outreach grew and more leaders where developed using standards that you help set.

    I look forward to hearing how God will use your talents and abilities as you move on with your ideas to help churches and church leaders further their growth and development.

    Mike Frush
    Director of Sports & Adventure Outreach
    Saddleback Church

  11. Kerry,

    For a second there I thought the first comment was from Jim Wallis, which almost made my already very high impression of you go right through the roof. Oh well. I’m sure Jim Walls is also very very kewl.

    I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you at OTM Live, and am super excited for the church in America to have you around to consult with. I hope lots and lots do so, ’cause they will only become more palatable and attractive (2 things they could certainly stand to be) by hanging out with you and hearing your voice. At least that’s my take on it. You rock man.

  12. Hi Kerry,

    I believe this turn in your journey pathway only moves you closer to maximizing your SHAPE for the Kingdom. I’ll continue to be your cheerleader as you take steps forward.

    Sam Simmons
    Cofounder & VP for Learning Design
    Rockbridge Seminary

  13. Gary Waller says:


    The class I am teaching this term has The Leadership Challenge for our textbook. This week our topic is risk taking. On the way to living out one’s vision an effective leader will have to take risk.

    I know there is risk involved in your decision to give full-time attention to Street to the Seat Ministries. As you seek to assist churches and ministers with their current ministries may you also be a model for others wanting to make a significant contribution to God’s kingdom.

    I know there are many that will be blessed and encouraged by your ministry.

    Gary Waller
    VP of Learning Management and Co-founder
    Rockbridge Seminary

  14. Kerry,

    As our season of ministry together comes to a close, I count it a mixed blessing. I am so sad to see you go, but excited to see what the next chapter brings as you follow God’s plan for your life. I knew from the first time we met that I just had to work with you. I was thrilled when God gave it a thumb’s up! It has been an amazing ride! Through the victories and the challenges, you led us well. I learned so much and hopefully made a life long friend. I’m going to miss the “Hey Gang” every morning, the “Pull the Trigger” as we take on a new project, and the “Git er Done” at the close of our team meetings. In my book, you left some pretty big shoes to fill!
    It has been an honor and a privilege.
    Thank you for supporting me and the Fresh Start with God ministry.

    You will be HUGELY missed!

  15. Wayne Cotton says:


    I am so excited about this chapter in your life. To look back over the years I see God’s hand on you and your family moving you in this direction one step at a time. What a ride it has been thus far. God is going to use you bro to impact the lives of countless people by using Street to the Seat. The Cottons love you guys and as always we are praying for God’s blesing to continue to pour down on you!

    Wayne Cotton
    Children’s Minister
    FBC Lewisville

  16. Kerry,

    John and I are excited to see where God is going to take you in this journey. God used you to lead him to Rockbridge Seminary and that is going well. It is a huge step to move into God’s plan for your life when not all is certain but it is comforting to know that God is in control and if you trust Him, He will take care of all your needs! You will be in our prayers always!

    Terri and John Harr
    Bible Study Leaders
    Mission Arlington

  17. Kerry –

    Serving with you has been a blast. From the very beginning of hiring me on staff, you have been my advocate and my friend. You have excelled in providing me with opportunities to exercise my gifts and passions in serving Christ.

    Your willingness to learn and your passion to do what is right as a leader have always impressed me. Thanks for always striving to be God’s man, wherever you are!


  18. Juanita Miller says:

    Kerry, So good to see you are doing the Lord’s work. It’s been a long time, but I
    remember you as a little boy next door growing up at Gladewater. I live in Lakeland,Florida as well as James Ray, Trina, and Missy. I am also involved with
    my church, Trinity Baptist Church am playing the piano. James Ray and his wife he
    has a son that will soon be 7 and adopted his wife’s daughter that will soon be 15.
    Trina and her husband have 1 son that is 12, and Missy has never married she still
    lives with me. James Ray found Kent on My Space is how we found out that you had
    just moved to Florida. If you are ever in this area look us up. My email is
    A Friend in Christ,
    Juanita Miller

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