Off the Map Live Conference – Day 2 Webcast with Kerry Mackey & Tony Steward

Tony and I summarize our full day of discussions and learnings during Off the Map Live.

Connection Ideas: Riders4Christ and In the Dirt


  1. Hey Kerry and Tony

    You guys are so kewl. I’m so megastoked that you came to the blogger’s dinner. I’m the guy who “deconverted” from the church. I’m stoked–I’m famous now–I made it on your podcast. Yippee!!

    Kerry. I totally found your story *very* compelling. I *loved* it when you say “I’m glad I’m a Christian because my life would absolutely for sure be really destructive right now if I wasn’t a Christian, and Jesus has saved me from being that destructive”. I *love* to hear your story, and I want to know *more* of it. And I would love to share my story with you as well. The story about how you reconnected with a very important person in your life via myspace was extremely compelling. I loved it. I most of all loved that you *didn’t* say “and not only that, but Jesus can do this for you too … etc.” Althought I didn’t get to share my story with you at all, the fact that you didn’t say this to me shows a big willingness to hopefully connect, because my experience of Jesus has been very very different from your experience of him.

    I gotta massively disagree with you guys about truth being more important than relationship. I think your take on that is … essential to that which allows/causes us, as humans, to bomb, kill, murder, rape etc, the “other”. Would love to discuss that with you further.

    “lifestyle goals as a membership requirement” sounds terrifying.

    There’s a little church 3 blocks up the street from us that invites 20 homeless people to sleep in their basement every night as part of a citywide initiative that distributes homeless people to various places throughout the city to sleep each night. How kewl is that. That’s about a 100 times kewler than any sunday morning worship service I ever attended. no one is trying to convert these homeless people. church people come and help make meals for them, and just hang with them a little, and then they off to sleep. that’s the sort of hear/listen/connect that attracts me. I love that you guys got out of this conference that … the pastors/churches with whom you are talking need to consider moving from “beliefism” toward … “hear/listen/connect”. that rocks. I hope they take what you have said to heart.

    I hope I get to connect with you two again. thankyou for putting yourselves out there.

    My wife Megs really liked the story of your tattoos, Kerry. Hope we get to see that new one after it’s colored someday.


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