Off the Map Live: Missional Church workshop with Neil Tibbott

Neil’s thoughts on Steps to being a Missional Church:

1. Meet People – engaging the community…get outside the walls of church buildings and connect with culture and community. “dancing in the overlap”

My mind immediately goes to Personal, Local, & Global P.E.A.C.E. The PEACE Plan is truly a calling to living in the overlap.

2. Find Resources – neighbors contributing to neighbors in need. Ideas like kids clubs, block party environment, relational investment in the community, sports day after school where the community gets involved. Getting persons within the community involved in serving with the faith community…values intersect even when faith sometime doesn’t. “being Jesus in the overlap”

My mind goes immediately to guys like Riders for Christ and In the Dirt who are bringing communities together in the “overlap”.

3. Form a Team – gather together in your community of influence who are both Christ follower and some who are not. Neil calls it an incarnational community – followers, non-followers, and those who aren’t even interested. Neil sees this as living a lifestyle in community whereby he gains the opportunity to share biblical principles.

My mind goes to how we teach L.I.F.E.S.T.Y.L.E. goals in our membership class. “influencing the overlap”

4. Start a project – Neil started with a traffic project that brought his neighborhood together to address the need for slowing down traffic on his street in from of the school.

My mind goes to how we might get involved this week to engage our community where we as Christians can be the leaders of engagement in community. “living in the overlap”

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