Off the Map Live – Kerry’s raw notes from discussion with Todd Hunter, National Director of the Alpha Course

Listen, Hear, Connect – what is behind it?

  • Conversation is valuable
  • Connect through listen instead of speaking
  • Authentic relationship is important

OTM trying to suggest an approach.

  • Strategy
  • Tactic

Before then it has to be, “a kind of person”.

  • Be present to others
    • Before you listen, hear, connect.

“Others exist”…be vulnerable…the movie of life is not all about you.

Todd says, “we need to be the people who can listen, hear, and connect”.

Todd’s thoughts:

  • Jesus says that good trees bear fruit.
  • People who are fundamentality focused on themselves can’t listen, hear, and connect in a world gone different.
  • Jesus told the Pharisees that you are guilty of washing the outside of the cup, but you failed to clean the inside.
  • Todd said that Jesus was saying to the Jews of his day, “your approach to making life sense out of your religion is fundamentally flawed.”
  • Todd believes that ministry can’t be separated from spiritual formation.
  • Todd speaks of Jesus coming across a white washed tomb…you are all like white washed tombs. (story of Todd’s brother….Dennis W. Hunter (killed in Vietnam)
  • It requires us to go on a journey of spiritual formation to Christ likeness.
  • Church is coming out of an age of teaching the gospel as only needed to get to heaven. Todd says it is much more than that.
    • Pray the prayer…go to heaven.
    • It is more than that…
  • Goal –spiritual formation into Christ likeness

Spiritual Transformation as seen by Todd:

  • What does that look like?
    • It isn’t something that you add to your day, but it is taking your life and making it have meaning.
    • Practicing the presence of God in the midst of others.
    • Paying attention to God and others
    • Rethink your actual life…the ground for your discipleship and your mission in the world.

  • This is a huge shift in traditional way of thinking.

Todd Hunter is the National Director of the Alpha Course

  • #1 problem with churches not following through with the alpha course is that they can’t sit down and listen.
  • Can’t be fear based
  • Be radically dependant on the Holy Spirit
  • Can’t be offended by those who don’t believe like you do.
  • It isn’t compromising – it is incarnating.

Thoughtful continuity is important to change.

Time between Time…

  • Trust and follow Jesus – Todd Hunter
    • Try to Obey Jesus
    • Observe how you win and loose.
    • Wise counseling from an overseer

Hang Ups persons who are seeking truth:

  • Perfectionism
  • Loss of a sense of adventure
  • Legalism

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