Off the Map Live – Friday November 2nd Workshop Schedule

I’m still searching through my thoughts after the first day of an injection of emotions that haven’t been tapped in some time. For a full lowdown on my first day experience make sure to watch our video cast, “End of Day 1” uploading shortly. But I wanted you to get the Friday Workshop Outlook.

Don’t forget to track our daily video web casts as Tony Steward and I video cast our experience throughout the conference.

Workshops available today:

Emotional Intelligence
Thanks God?
Missional Church
Doable Evangelism
Secretly Making Friends
From Poverty to Impact
Cheap Church Planting
Developing a Different kind of Leader
“Can’t reach’em join’em”
A Shepherd and a Knucklehead
Making Friends with Witches
Social Intelligence
Organic Community
Community by the Hour
Revolution Music
The 1st Apostles Were Women

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