Off the Map Live Conference – End of Day 1 Webcast with Kerry Mackey & Tony Steward

Tony and I talk about our “first taste” from the Off the Map Live conference here in Seattle. 


  1. Hey Tony and Kerry.

    You guys are so unbelievably kewl. I *really* enjoyed talking to you at La Corona at the blogger’s dinner. Your videos are monga kewl. the way you guys feed off of each other in these videos is perfect. You should have a t.v. show.

    I’m stoked that you are guys are willing to listen and enter a space where you perhaps don’t feel so comfortable.

    Tony, you said “Getting together corporately with God’s people is a Biblical mandate, and you can’t just have that randomnly happen all the time, and not know what’s gonna happen.”

    My lovely wife Megs said “Why not”?

    Oh my god. you guys said “preevangelism”. did you say that to Parker? Isn’t Parker the kewlest guy in the universe? I bet he would have freaked if you said “preevangelism” to him

    You guys are so kewl that I might not be too terrified to visit saddleback now. which is saying something. I think maybe you guys are braver than me, cause I would possibly be too terrified to visit Saddleback, but you overcame your fear to visit OTM Live.

    I’m *really* enjoying watching the videos. thankyou for doing them. you seriousquilio rock.

    If you are ever in Seattle again and want to hang out with an ex christian, totally shoot me an email or something. I know a great little place for a microbrew.

  2. Kerry, I’m so glad you and Tony came to Off The Map Live. I just watched this – wow, you are both so articulate in sharing your thoughts about Day 1! I just embedded this on our Off The Map Live blog

  3. thanks for the video. enjoyed hearing you process and just being reminded of the importance of listening.
    i can listen to understand without coming to the same conclusions as the one sharing.

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