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Valuing Volunteers: they deserve it!

Bar none the best thing I’ve ever done in ministry is put volunteers around me that understand the vision, have a passion to serve others, and are willing to go the extra mile. Having been a pastor for 11 years and having been in churches of all sizes around the world I have noticed that […]

“We are known for our coffee, but our PEOPLE make us famous.”

Just happened to see this quote on a sign at my local barista this morning.  “We are known for our coffee, but our people make us famous.”  The church of North America is known for a lot of things, but I’m not sure we would all agree on what that is.  I am hearing things […]

Ultimate Goal of Street to the Seat Ministries (STS) is to provide our services FREE to churches running less than 300.

I was on the phone with a friend last night when he asked what is the ultimate goal of STS. Our heartbeat is helping the local church do a better job of being relevant in conversation with the community while being healthy and balanced around the purposes of scripture; addressing issues of communication, connection, contribution, […]

Join Kerry & Stephanie Mackey as they launch their new ministry, Street to the Seat (STS).

Dear STS Supporter, I am so excited to write to you about a new season of life for Stephanie and me. The past few years at Saddleback Church have brought a huge sense of fulfillment as I led the ministry that helped bring the unchurched from our community into the church to find Christ and […]

Pastor Kerry Mackey has left Saddleback Church to launch Street to the Seat (STS) Ministries full-time.

Over the past several months I have been processing with my mentors and advisory team the next chapters of ministry. In so doing we have come to a decision to pursue Street to the Seat (STS) full-time as a consulting/coaching ministry with and through the local church. It is to that end that we left […]

Off the Map Live Conference – Day 2 Webcast with Kerry Mackey & Tony Steward

Tony and I summarize our full day of discussions and learnings during Off the Map Live. Connection Ideas: Riders4Christ and In the Dirt

Off the Map Live: Kerry’s Notes from discussion with Joesph Myers author of, “The Search to Belong” and “Organic Community”.

My RAW notes from the discussion Joseph Myers led at Off the Map. _________________________________________________ What are your thoughts of the images on a screen: 1. can of sardines 2. fish swimming with a ray of light shining down through the water Life/death Blue Light Groups Etc… What I want you to see is how you […]

Off the Map Live: Kerry’s notes from discussion with Diane Butler Bass

My very RAW notes from a discussion with Diane Butler Bass. ____________________________________________ Cultural Change to Post Modernism…what are the challenges. Liberal Protestant…very proud of it. 1992 – Member of an Episcopal congregation in Santa Barbara in 1992…it was dying. (Trinity Church)…it changed Diane’s life. 40 people in attendance. Politically and theologically liberal. $30K a year […]

Off the Map Live – Kerry’s raw notes from discussion with Todd Hunter, National Director of the Alpha Course

Listen, Hear, Connect – what is behind it? Conversation is valuable Connect through listen instead of speaking Authentic relationship is important OTM trying to suggest an approach. Strategy Tactic Before then it has to be, “a kind of person”. Be present to others Before you listen, hear, connect. “Others exist”…be vulnerable…the movie of life is […]

Off the Map Live Conference – End of Day 1 Webcast with Kerry Mackey & Tony Steward

Tony and I talk about our “first taste” from the Off the Map Live conference here in Seattle.