Southern California Firestorm calls the Church to be the Church

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a few days, but the firestorms have been keeping us all very busy. Our church campus is being used as a staging area for Firefighters, Forestry Service Personnel, and News Media from around the state and other states.

Our Pastoral Care Team has also been very busy assisting evacuees by housing them in one of our sprung buildings that we call, “Tent 3”. We are providing them food and shelter. LA Fitness across the street from our offices has opened up their showers for the evacuees to have a place to clean up as well. Thank You LA Fitness for joining us to serve the community.

Please be in pray for our community, membership, and staff as many of them have their lives to rebuild. In addition, pray for cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and a light breeze to move the smoke. Since the smoke laid down yesterday the smoke is settling in; schools, business, and church facilities are closing due to the hazardous air quality we are experiencing.

Several have asked what the greatest need is. Prayer for safety of those who are displaced, the safety of the rescue and fire officials on the ground and an opportunity for the church to be the church in the midst of tragedy. I would also say financially supporting the American Red Cross is a great step. These men and women have gone above and beyond in helping our community.

In addition, stop by your local Fire Department, Police/Sheriff Station, Forestry Service office and thank them on behalf of all southern California’s for the sacrifice they and their comrades are making to keep us safe.

To keep up with our latest local news in SoCal click on FOX 11 News.

Thank you for interceding on our behalf.

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