4 steps to Effective Planning for your Ministry Teams: Put your P.O.S.T. in the ground.

Several have asked how I lead my teams, plan, and execute my ministry plan. Here are 4 easy steps to being strategic in your planning.


1. Purpose – determine the purpose of the ministry and/or team. This is a non measurable statement that sets the focus of your ministry and team.

(I.e. – Making the most of every opportunity to help people choose Jesus and belong to the church family.) That is the Purpose Statement of Street to the Seat (StS).

2. Objectives – what are the 3-5 objectives that you want to accomplish with a particular ministry. These have some measurable components. They should be objectives that stretch you; however, not so much that your teams can’t succeed. Take faith steps, just don’t jump off a cliff that isn’t a win for the team.

(I.e – During 2008 StS will assist 50 churches in developing a strategic Communication Plan for their Congregation and Community.)

I also have one for Connection, Contribution, and Community. Remember StS’s core concepts are Communication, Connection, Contribution, and Community.

3. Strategies – now strategies get very specific. These are where you put together 1 -3 specific steps for each of your objectives. Each strategy needs to be time stamped and dated. Get very specific so that you stay on task. These are the specifics of what I’m going to do to accomplish my objectives and by when.

(I.e. – StS will submit a plan to www.pastors.com by December 1, 2007 to write one article per month in 2008 on StS’s core concepts so as to engage our target audience of pastors world-wide.)

4. Tracking – is how you intend to monitor your progress. This can be done as easily as with an excel.doc or with a tool like BaseCamp and their “milestone” feature. These tracking documents should be available to everyone on your team so as to keep everyone on task and accountable for the direction of the team. DO NOT use this as a “thumb” on your team, but as a tool to just keep you on track.

If you have other plans you’ve found helpful I’d be interested in hearing from you.

PLEASE post a comment.


  1. Lee Paine says:

    Thanks for the great post! I totally agree tracking is absolutely necessary. I have just one question to you: can you really do this in Basecamp? Honestly, I’ve tried but Basecamp turned out to be a tool for my team’s little chat nothing more. I had to look for something that really works and found this http://www.wrike.com/

  2. Lee, Thanks for your comment. I really think BaseCamp is a possibility for some users; however, use whatever is easiest for you. Thanks for including the site you posted about. We’ll take a look at it and see what it has to offer. Thanks for commenting. Keep’m coming!

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