3 Basic Steps for Volunteer Assimilation

When it comes to getting the right people in the right place on the ministry bus.  Look to this simple strategy in helping you do just that.  Enlist, Train, Place


It is very important to have an enlistment strategy when looking to get persons involved.  This should include oral, print, broadcast, and digital forms of communication.  I’ve found some of my best recruits from our introduction to membership class and our class on serving in ministry.  We have also tried something we call, “Try It for 20: minutes that is”.  This is an easy way to get persons involved.  Allow them to try the ministry for 20 minutes under the supervision of a trained team member.  If they like it and you think it is a good fit, keep’m.  If it isn’t a good fit help them see another opportunity.  Don’t forget to use your small group network as a method of enlistment as well as considering a ministry fair to recruit team members.


I can’t say enough about providing basic training for new volunteers.  It doesn’t have to be a 6 weeks training course.  It could be as easy as a one day on the job training with a couple of follow-up meetings.   But you have to provide them with something.  Don’t throw them to the wolves and expect them to figure it out.  We have developed basic training manuals for all our volunteer positions.  We start out basic and move to more in-depth training over time.  Keep it simple…don’t overwhelm volunteers.


Don’t let this bog you down.  Just do it.  Make sure that all volunteers know from the get go that you are doing your best to put them in the right place on the team based on their spiritual gifts, heart, ability, personality, and experiences.  Let them know that just because you are placing them in a particular ministry position doesn’t mean they are stuck there for life.  They need to be placed knowing that as they grow and the church grows they may need to be re-potted ever so often to keep them and the church healthy.  Giving them freedom to know they can step out also gives you freedom to “step them out” if you need to later on.

Hope you find these basic steps helpful as you assimilate your volunteers.

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