Book Review: REVEAL: Where are you?

Let me start by saying THANK YOU StS blog/podcast family for your prayers on my mothers behalf. My mother is doing great! and I’ll be headed back to SoCal Thursday afternoon.

REVEAL bookcover

As I’ve been reading REVEAL: Where are you? it has caused me to begin to ask questions about churches I’ve served and am currently serving. Greg and Cally discuss the discovery of how a congregational survey became a spiritual growth conversation. I think they address many questions we’ve all had or are having. So pick it up. It is a quick read which is leading me to deeper discussions. You might have to order it through or as I haven’t seen it on or in book stores.

In fact, several of the things the book gets at are things I think Pastor Lance Witt is addressing with the launch of Replenish Ministries through health, holiness, and humility. If you missed the podcast with Pastor Lance, click on “podcasts” under “Categories” in the right hand tool bar and give it a listen. It is a great podcast on where we need to be headed in the church.

REVEAL’S website states it this way, “Written by Greg L. Hawkins and Cally Parkinson , with editorial contributions from Eric Arnson , this book provides a strong overview of REVEAL. Greg Hawkins shares a dilemma he’s wrestled with throughout his 11 years as an executive pastor: Can we really know if our church is making a difference in the ongoing spiritual growth of our people? This pivotal question sets up the rest of the book and REVEAL as a whole.”

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