Kerry’s mom (Faye Mackey) released from East Texas Hospital

StS Family, thank you so very much for your prayer support.  I arrived in East Texas at 3:00 a.m. Sunday.  My mother is doing well.  They have changed her blood pressure medication, ran every test known to man and have released her from the hospital.

Apparently she has a palpitation of the heart that affected her 40 years ago and it decided to raise it’s ugly head again at age 76.  Not bad for going 40 years without it affecting you.  In fact, my mother hasn’t been in the hospital in my 36 years of life.  Wished I could say the same for myself.  They are going to watch her very carefully from here on out as you might expect.  So here come the stress tests and monthly EKG’s.

I will be staying with her this week in East Texas.  We have a nuclear stress test scheduled for Tuesday and the doctor may release her to go back to work next Thursday.  I will stay with her through Thursday before returning to southern California.

StS will not miss a beat this week.  Thanks Team for all your hard work.

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