Jim Henderson and Matt Casper

I feel the need to publicly thank Jim Henderson and Matt Casper for spending time with some of the StS gang on Wednesday night in San Diego, California. I was tempted to titled the article posting, “What do you get when 4 pastors and an atheist sit down for dinner?”, but I didn’t.


What you get is a great time of fellowship, conversation, and open dialog. I had the best time just hanging out with Jim and Matt learning about their experience while writing “Jim and Casper Go to Church.” We spent 2 hours over dinner sharing thoughts, learnings, and the like.

Then we spent another hour recording a podcast which we will be releasing to you in the next several weeks.

So…stay tuned!

Thanks guys for a great dinner and evening of learning together. I greatly appreciate your openness to learn with us.


  1. What a great night! Jim and Casper were great- good stuff that we can all learn from as we move forward- Secret Santa

  2. Yep…it was a great night hanging together and learning a lot of great stuff. Reminded me once again to, “never eat alone”. Do you remember that book?

    “Secret Santa” will make more sense to everyone once they hear the podcast on October 2nd.

    For our readers, there were 5 of us in the room and only 4 of us recording the podcast when “secret santa” decided to ask a question from the background. It’s funny…stay tuned for the podcast.

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