Book Review: Dear Church by Sarah Cummingham

As you know I read a diverse group of books, some for which we will all agree with and others we might not; however, this book was recommended to me by my mentor Daryl Eldridge (Rockbridge Seminary) and I knew, “I must read it”. I’m not quite finished, but I did promise you one book review a week.

Dear Church

Sarah is a twenty-something year old high school teacher who in this writing composes 14 letters to the church. Sarah isn’t writing necessarily about a building, a denomination, structure, but the church at large. Each chapter ends with a section of discussion questions and key observation.

At the very beginning of the book Sarah says this to us, “I hope you will join me in opening the communication lines that will earn space for new ideas and priorities in the church of tomorrow. And I hope that together we can recover ways to breathe new life into the faith systems of the future. If you are a church leader, I hope you will benefit from such a raw telling of how disillusionment has affected me and some in my generation.”

This is just what I’m looking for, a place for open communication. Sarah, we would love to join you in this journey.  Please join with us as well. Thank you for writing this book.


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