“Soul Care” and it’s impact on the local church with Pastor Kerry Mackey, Pastor Lance Witt, and Tony Steward

Join Pastor Kerry Mackey (StS), Pastor Lance Witt, Founder of Replenish Ministries and Tony Steward, Founder of Contagious Solutions as they address health, holiness, and humility through “soul care” and the impact Replenish Ministries is having on the Christian community.

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9 things you Simply must do (Book)

The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul By Restoring the Sabbath (Book)


As mentioned on the pod cast…commenting on this pod cast has benefits. You will be entered to potentially win a FREE copy of the book, “9 things you Simply must do“. Post questions, ideas for shows, and/or people you’d like for us to interview. We’ll pick from your ideas and select the top 5 comments for a FREE book.


  1. Tony Steward says:

    I would love to see a show with some emergent/missional pastors and how they connect to their communities

  2. Tony, great idea…we will work on getting in contact with some emergent/missional pastors and see if they would like to join a pod cast. Any names come to mind that would interest you?

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