Lessons and Learning’s from the Week

10.  Life isn’t always fair.

9.  Everyone needs a Sabbath Day – It’s one of the BIG 10.

8.  I was reminded this week that it is important to find a rhythm in life.

7.  Doing a conference call pod cast via Skype with two of my brothers in different parts of the U.S. is a blast.

6.  Pastor Lance Witt is doing a great work with his new ministry, “Replenish”.  We are launching his ministries first pod cast here on StS this coming Tuesday, September 18th.  Don’t miss it!

5.  There is a huge need for us to provide, “Soul Care”.

4.  WhoAreTheseGuysPodcast had some great stuff this week.

3.  I need to spend more time with my friend and fellow colleague Pastor Kurt.  Super Dude!

2.  Life is too short not to show love.

1.  Monster Energy Drink in my new friend.  Thanks Kyle for getting me hooked.

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