Pastor Rick Warren shares his top 40 Baptism Ideas for your Church

I spoke with Pastor Rick Warren a few days ago and asked if I could share with you a few of his ideas on ways to increase baptism. He said, “Sure” share them. Of course there are 40 for us to ponder.

Here is Pastor Rick’s top 5 ideas with a link to his full list of recommendations that almost any church can do:

1. Mention the value, purpose and benefits of baptism regularly in sermons.

2. Videotape some of your baptisms. Prepare a music video of baptisms to show in your worship service so people who’ve never seen a baptism can witness one.

3. Have clothes ready for people who decide spontaneously to be baptized after a service.

4. Make it a party atmosphere. It’s a celebration, not a funeral. Applaud baptisms!

5. Invite small group members to witness the baptism and identify them before each baptism.

Link to Complete List

Do these 40 things and the number of people wanting to publicly demonstrate their faith through baptism will rise dramatically.
Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Church

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