Book Review: Simple Church

“I’m a common man, drive a common van. My dog ain’t got no pedigree. If I have my say it’s gonna stay that way, Cause highbrow people lose their sanity. A common man is what I’ll be”…oh…wrong blog.

Forgot I was doing my book review blog today but, “Simple Church” by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger did make me think of that old country song.

Simple Church

Seriously though, there is a lot in this book to think about; the first being to keep it simple…stupid. My terminology not theirs. But think about it, the more clutter and complex the more that ones energy is deflected. I was reminded as I’m sure several of you will be to clarify, align, and focus our time and energy on discipleship making.

I’ve heard others say that as a direct result of this book they were planning on revising their mission statement and revamping their ministries just so their members could remember what it is that they are about.

It is a great book about taking a fresh look at getting back to the basics of making disciples.



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