Never Miss an Opportunity

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to teach our Membership Class which helps persons determine if our church is a place they’d like to “belong”. It is part of our introduction to church family process that allows persons to peek into the life of our church and determine if this is the place for them. We engage persons in discussion around God’s purpose for their life, God’s purposes for the church, Our Statements, as well as how God has organized the church and their role in participation.

During our discussion time I use many different ways on engaging the group that helps them see that I’m just an ordinary guy from East Texas who loves Jesus and wants them to love Him too. It is it core of who I am and who the Church is. Our desire is for them to choose Christ and belong to the church family.

During one of my discussion points I refer to the days in my life where I took Jesus a lot of places He never intended to go. Yet, in those places He never left me. It was during that time in my discussion that I recognized that more than half the crowd was on the edge of their seats. It was an opportunity to take them to the next level. You know what I mean? You could see that they had taken Jesus there too and they were looking for someone to help them see that He hadn’t left them.

In situations like that, never miss an opportunity to help persons take steps to Christ for the first time or for some steps back to Christ. After the class I had the privilege of talking with Tim and Angie about their journey to Christ. We shared I’d tattoo’s, our journey’s to Christ, and then I had the great privilege of baptizing Angie that very night with another 20 folks who stepped across the line of faith to Jesus.

As you think of StS type learning’s, let’s encourage one another to never miss an opportunity to make our stories personal.

We’d love to hear your stories about “never missing and opportunity”. Please send us your comments!

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