Lessons and Learning’s from the Week

It’s Friday, but Sundays coming…thought I’d send you my “top 10” lessons and learnings from the week. Nothing super spiritual just a few things that were good learnings for me this week.

10. wifi is a must for the entire universe. What did we do before wireless internet?

9. Having friends with condos in the Sierra Mountains is a God send. Tom, thank you for ministering to our family in this way. You were a blessing to us this week.

8. Yosemite is even prettier than I ever expected. Thank you Lord for creating such a pretty place for us to enjoy.

7. The giant sequoias’ in the Mariposa Grove on the southern tip of Yosemite are well worth the drive. As well as El Capitan, Half Dome, Tuolumne Meadows, the numerous waterfalls, earthquake faults, etc..

6. It’s not just about information, it’s about the right information at the right time for engagement. Done right information/welcome centers can be very affective tools.

5. Plan Ahead, Enlist a Team, Keep it Simple, Make It Visible, and use Technology when Available.

4. Launching pod cast and seeing their results are very exciting. Have you subscribed, yet? – do so by clicking on “Subscribe to the Podcast!” on the right tool bar.

3. Having a basic blogging guide is an incredibility helpful tool. Wished it had been available last year. Thanks Tony for the basic blogging slideshow.

2. Writing is very therapeutic.

1. Being a witness for Christ never ends. We carry our communication; connection, contribution, and community wherever we go…even on vacation.

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