Book Review: The Case for the Real Jesus

Case for the Real Jesus

Well Lee has done it again. He has brought home another great read, but more than that it is being reviewed as his, “most effective and strongest work to-date”…”arguably compelling”…”an indispensable tool for all Christians”. I’d go one further than that to say it is an even greater read for those who are questioning the validity of Jesus and whether or not He is who He says He is.

It just so happens that I saw Lee this past weekend and mentioned to him that I’d be posting a book review this week and that I would love to have him shoot a podcast with me later this month to be posted later this fall. As always, Lee was more than accommodating so StS will be recording a podcast with Lee on his learning’s from his research later this month. Can’t wait to air that podcast later this fall. Stay tuned as I’m sure you’ll enjoy that podcast as well.


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