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Lessons and Learning’s from the week

10.  Last minute plane tickets are outrageously expensive. 9.  We don’t give our kids enough credit for their ability to care.  Thank you Caleb for caring for Dad by taking care of mom, Josiah, and Levi while I was away. 8.  Father-n-laws are a lifesaver at 11:40 p.m. at night when you need a car […]

Book Review: REVEAL: Where are you?

Let me start by saying THANK YOU StS blog/podcast family for your prayers on my mothers behalf. My mother is doing great! and I’ll be headed back to SoCal Thursday afternoon. __________________ As I’ve been reading REVEAL: Where are you? it has caused me to begin to ask questions about churches I’ve served and am […]

The 7 things you need to know when creating a learning community with Dr. Daryl Eldridge (Rockbridge Seminary) and Pastor Kerry

Join Dr. Daryl Eldridge (Founder & President of Rockbridge Seminary) and Pastor Kerry as they take a look at, “The 7 things you need to know when creating a learning community that will grow.” Show links: Rockbridge Seminary (A fully online seminary) Wikinomics (Book)

What is in a Name…Tag…that is?

To tag or not to tag is usually a conversation reserved for my hunt’n buddies and we all know that tagging is required unless you want a visit from the friendly Game Warden.  And I’m a tagger!  Ethically I have to be.  Not only do I have a degree in Forestry from Stephen F. Austin […]

Kerry’s mom (Faye Mackey) released from East Texas Hospital

StS Family, thank you so very much for your prayer support.  I arrived in East Texas at 3:00 a.m. Sunday.  My mother is doing well.  They have changed her blood pressure medication, ran every test known to man and have released her from the hospital. Apparently she has a palpitation of the heart that affected […]

911 Emergency…Kerry’s Mom is taken to the Hospital

By the time you read this I’ll be on the ground in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.  It is around 11:40 p.m. (CST) on September 22, 2007 and I am literally in a car and driving east toward Longview, Texas and Good Shepherd Hospital while uploading this file to the blog, thanks to my Sprint air card.  […]

Lessons and Learning’s from the Week: Top 10 List

10. Take a vacation from your opinions. 9. Give yourself permission to dialog, not debate. 8. Be a co belligerent in the faith. 7. See the conversation over the conversion. 6. Never eat alone…always take someone with you. 5. is a really interesting website 4. Off The Map and Street to the Seat are […]

Jim Henderson and Matt Casper

I feel the need to publicly thank Jim Henderson and Matt Casper for spending time with some of the StS gang on Wednesday night in San Diego, California. I was tempted to titled the article posting, “What do you get when 4 pastors and an atheist sit down for dinner?”, but I didn’t. What you […]

Book Review: Dear Church by Sarah Cummingham

As you know I read a diverse group of books, some for which we will all agree with and others we might not; however, this book was recommended to me by my mentor Daryl Eldridge (Rockbridge Seminary) and I knew, “I must read it”. I’m not quite finished, but I did promise you one book […]

“Soul Care” and it’s impact on the local church with Pastor Kerry Mackey, Pastor Lance Witt, and Tony Steward

Join Pastor Kerry Mackey (StS), Pastor Lance Witt, Founder of Replenish Ministries and Tony Steward, Founder of Contagious Solutions as they address health, holiness, and humility through “soul care” and the impact Replenish Ministries is having on the Christian community. Show Links: 9 things you Simply must do (Book) The Rest of God: […]