Life Learnings and New Connections

10.    People have no idea what it takes to pull off 6 services a weekend for 20,000 people 52 weeks a year.

  1. The online learning environment is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  1. I have an entirely new appreciation for guys/girls who have created cyberspace as we know it.  I have no idea how it all works, but I LOVE IT!  My Facebook
  1. The Social Media movement is changing lives for Christ.  Do your research.
  1. People are looking for change if we will just be sensitive enough to see it.
  1. Engage your community by taking the time to listen and care enough to do something about it.
  1. Friends really do matter…thanks In The Dirt crowd…you blessed my family this week at the beach.
  1. Life Hurts God Heals is an incredible ministry that I re-engaged with this week with my friend Megan Hutchinson. This ministry is changing lives by providing life-long tools for students with pain and addiction.  Megan – YOU ROCK GIRL!
  1. Mentoring has made a HUGE difference in my life.  Thanks BIG D for pushing/pulling me along this journey.  Eleven years and over 1000 books later you have made a difference in my life.
  1. My family is the most important thing in the world to me.  With out them in my life, what you see before you today isn’t worth much.  Love on you family today! 


  1. Kerry, I have learned the importance of my family and friends in such a deep way this summer. As a pastor it is really easy to slip into a ‘professional’ relationship mode where you aren’t leaning on people as much as you can or should. All it takes is a couple ‘life earthquakes’ like I have had to jolt you.

    I was wearing a baptism t-shirt today in the supermarket. The checker said “hey, I have that shirt” and we talked about our baptisms. In that moment, I wasn’t seen as a pastor, I was a fellow believer telling my baptism story (23 years ago, she just didn’t realize I wasn’t someone who was also recently baptized.) The point is, it was nice to be in community like that… and I know we need to be quite intentional as pastors with our friends, family and with each other. Thanks for your site, I will subscribe to it. Pastors need each other more than ever.

  2. Eric, Thanks for your comment. I’m glad God used you today. I know he has more for you to do. Just you wait and see. I completely agree…we do need each other more than ever. Our prayer is that StS will be a place where everyone will feel welcome to learn, share, dialog, converse, and grow as Christian leaders. You are a part of that growth. Someone is reading you comment right now saying, “God can use me just like he used Eric.” Thanks for joining the StS Family of Learners.

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