Street to the Seat gets a Facelift and a Podcast!

With the help of a friend and fellow pastor we are just finishing a fantastic update the Street to the Seat blog. In fact, this Thursday, August 30th we will be launching the new look and feel of Street to the Seat. The response to the conversation surrounding Street to the Seat has been so good that we are also in the process of putting together a weekly podcast.

That’s right, Street to the Seat has a podcast that we will launch September 4th, and will be updated every Tuesday. If you have show ideas, or questions you would like answered on the podcast please let us know. Our hope is that we can all join in on this larger conversation about how our community of pastors and lay leaders can help people choose Christ and belong to a local church family.

The only change most of you will need to make is that in moving to the new blog we have had to change how people can subscribe by email to updates. We were with Feedblitz, but now we are moving over to Feedburner.

To continue getting Street to the Seat updates and podcast announcements please fill in your email address through this LINK!

We are so excited for this community of lay leaders and pastors to grow and learn from each other.

Please get the word out to your network of pastors and lay leaders about the transition to our new blog and podcast.

Serving with You and Keeping It Real!


  1. Oh man, the website looks AMAZING! JG

  2. Glad you like JG. We do too! All thanks to Contagious Solutions, LLC.

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