Casper the Friendly Atheist

I’ve have so enjoyed the book, “Jim & Casper Go To Church” that I purchased 15 copies for my staff and others in the offices. I just can’t stop talking about what I am learning from this 167 page read.

Things Jim & Casper bring to light during the read:

  • What is, and how compelling is, the call to action?
  • How is the Word of God integrated into practical examples of living the faith?
  • What prior knowledge and belief does the church assume attenders possess?
  • Is the church more interested in conversation or conversion? In dialogue or debate?
  • How accessible is the heart and mind of the ministry?
  • Is the church engaging people or performing for them?
  • How realistic is the teaching? Is it the result of proof-texting or contextualization?
  • What is the church’s capacity for listening?
  • Is this a body of believers who are more interested in serving or being served?
  • What makes a church genuine and authentic in its interaction with people?
  • How honest are Christians in discussing the cost of following Christ?

Keeping It Real!

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  1. Thank you so much for supporting the dialog! Jim and I hoped that people would do just what you’re doing: share, talk, challenge each other.

    Thanks for reading, writing, and posting!
    Matt Casper (Aka, “Casper the Friendly Atheist”)

  2. Hi, Kerry! I noticed that you enjoyed the book “Jim & Casper Go to Church.” I’m a volunteer with Jim’s organization Off the Map and I wanted to let you know about our Live event coming up this November in Seattle. Both Jim and Matt Casper will be speaking at this event. Here is the link if you want to find out more:

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