Kyle Loza takes it to the Street

Kyle Loza (riders 4 christ) and friend is taking Jesus to the street or should I say dirt. You want to talk about street to the seat, Kyle Loza is all about taking Jesus from the street to the seat.

I took by two oldest boys, Caleb (7) and Josiah (2) to X Games 13 last night as we sat with the Loza family. I have the great privilege of serving with Kyle’s dad, Tim Loza as well as attending church with Kyle and his family. My boys and I have been watching Kyle practice his moto tricks for the past couple of years and we are amazed at how God has blessed Kyle to reach people for the Lord through dirt bikes.

And did I mention that he WON GOLD at last nights X Games 13 MotoX Best Trick.

Way to go Kyle!

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