Contagious Solutions

I had lunch today with a good friend of mine (Tony Steward) who has just launched his own company, Contagious Solutions.

I was so intrigued by where he is headed with Social Marketing and Office 2.0 that I wanted to share his information with you.

I have asked him to assist Street to the Seat in going to the next level with our coaching network.

Tony told me today that his focus is, “using the web to create a word of mouth effect that has exponential results.” I don’t know about you, but that really excites me.

Pod casts
Social Networks
Web Video
Mass Collaboration
Office 2.0 – Web Applications

Tony is on to something here so it would be worth our while to keep him in our sphere of influence.

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  1. Tony Steward says:

    Lunch was very cool today, great discussion! And thanks for the kind words, we are going to have fun putting something together for you.

  2. kerry
    thought you might like a book I just read “Tipping Point” likly you have read it, its up your ally as well as Tony Stewards, worth the read, I am worknig my way through Made to stick and Mavericks at work. Love your thinking, not many that i am arouond who are on the same page.

    name is Mark Goodrich
    pastor of connecting and serving at a somewhat large church 2000 -2500 plus adults on sundays in the Baltimore area,

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