Tip of the Day: Speak their Language

I was having lunch today with a good friend of mine (Pastor Larry Nelson, Fielder Road Baptist, Arlington, Texas) when he reminded me of a tip that we all can learn from.

Speak their language NOT Christianise.

When we think of street to the seat we must think about the words we use and context in which we use them whether that be in oral, print, broadcast or digital media. Consistency across communication ranges is very important.

Whether that be from the platform through those leading the welcome or closing of the service, teachers and/or preachers using relevant vocabulary and current application tools, persons leading prayer during services, worship leaders promptings, welcome center hosts informational communication, bulletin text, audio/video/text screen usage, brochure look/feel and text, websites, use of ushers, greeters, etc… anyone in the public eye from week to week needs to know the target audience and how to “speak their language“. The language of those you are desiring to reach. The unreached community. Inconsistency in church speak from week to week becomes a limiting factor for returning guests.

We must remember that our target talk is to our target audience. Those who are in the chairs/pews 90% of the time are not our audience. They’re our fellow ministers, but not the audience. Helping our members understand Christianise will also help them better communicate as well.

Do this for me?

Check your last weeks bulletin, newsletter, worship screen ads, blog, website, etc… and list for me all the words, phrases and/or program ads that you would have to explain to someone in persons for them to understand what you are talking about.

Email me with the words, phrases, and/or program ads that you know would need interpretation for someone on the outside. I’d love to post your learning’s.

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